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A Range of Full Spectrum CBD Products, Including Tinctures, Vape Cartridges, Salves & Gel Caps.

T-Shirt Design

Spray paint, Marker and a Variety of Custom Made Artwork Tees & Prints. Submit Your Art for Collaborations. 

JungleLove Mixes

A collection of  music mixed by Balam (See)



For this website, I'll tell the short version of my story. If you're interested in reading more about my story I will start a blog post on my page.


My love for music started at an early age. As a kid, my dad would play music in the mornings to wake us up. I have 4 older sisters and they influenced my taste in music a lot too.

The first time I saw a deejay system I was like 11 or 12. It was my older cousins deejaying at my first nephews birthday.


I saw my cousins setting up their deejay system and I was already intrigued by all the cool gear they had. They had big speakers, lights, fog machines and 2 Technics 1200 turntables with a mixer. They turned the lights and fog machines on first then they did a mic check. The lights cutting through the fog was incredible I was already blown away at this point but then they did the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed in my young little life. They put a record on the turntable, hit play then put the needle into the groove of the record.  I heard a little popping sound and then suddenly the beat from Look Out Weekend by Debbie Deb came on the speakers really loud. I was already blown away but what happened next was pure Magick!


Nearly all the teens and adults that were in attendance at my nephew's party dropped what they were doing and rushed straight to the dance floor. I mean, I saw people put food plates on chairs, I saw mom's that were watching their kids in the bouncy castle leave their kids bouncing away while they went over to boogie! I was in total shock and awe I couldn't believe the power that music had over people. I saw people smiling, laughing and dancing without a care in the world. I didn't know it then but what music does is simply magical. While you're on the dance floor you can leave your worries and problems somewhere else.

After that, I was hooked on music and it wasn't until 1993-1994 that my older sister Liz gave me a Sven Vath CD. It was weird and I thought it was pretty cool but I better understood Sven's work after I discovered weed in the 6th grade.


That same year my sisters started going to warehouse raves they brought me the weirdest shirts and posters from these places. The first raver shirt they gave me had Tony the Tiger on it and the shirt read, Acid Flakes instead of Frosted Flakes. Obviously, I had no idea what acid flakes were but I still thought it was cool because I liked Frosted Flakes at that time.


Then one day my whole world got turned upside down. My same sister Liz came home at like 5 am and gave me a metallic green mixed tape. It was a mixtape by none other than R.A.W. and Orlando. The mix had hardcore techno by R.A.W. and the other side was a techno mix by Orlando. After I heard that mix I wanted to start mixing too it's like it was calling to me. So I begged my mom for a whole year to please get me a Deejay system. I got my turntables the very next year on my 14th birthday. Since we were so poor it took a while for my mom and my oldest sister Karla to make the buy. That year I got two Fisher turntables with no pitch adjust, a mixer and speakers. The first thing I started to teach myself was to scratch. At 16 years old I got my first set of 1200's. 


I discovered R.A.W. and Orlando then soon after I found CRS, APX1, Deacon, Jackal, Scooba, Machete, Ronnie Size, Tron, Efex, Nigel Richards, Thee-O, Q-Bert, DJ Rectangle, and so many others. I started buying mixtapes from the twins at the Harbor College swapmeet and eventually from Ken at Pure Acid Mixtapes and Ron D. Core from Dr. Freeclouds. I started going to raves and I followed R.A.W. around because he became one of my favorite deejays. I was intrigued by his style and I didn't know how to mix yet because I had barely gotten my 1200's. I didn't really know what the pitch control was for. I noticed he would move it for every record. So I went home and mimicked what I saw him doing. I didn't mimic him or his style I simply mimicked moving the pitch adjust but I still couldn't figure it out. R.A.W. is definitely my biggest influence as far as my own musical taste. His mixed tapes were by far my favorite and I have mad respect for him. He is also responsible for getting me into Aztec and Mayan culture with his R.A.W. Dec 21st, 2012 mixed tape. The first time I looked that up online it introduced me to a whole other world of ancient knowledge.


I started working at WP Records in Lomita during the late 90's I came across R.A.W.'s Label Mictlan. I love Rauols work and I talked to him and gave him props at several different parties but never had the nerve to ask him to hang out to learn from him.  Since I've always been kind of introverted I never hit up anyone to teach me how to mix. It wasn't until my cousins Haro and Shoguns started coming over to mix that it clicked. I saw my cousin Haro move the pitch and release the record at a certain beat. I had an AHA moment! I realized he's trying to match the BPM of one record to the other. I got on to mix next and cued up a kick and tried throwing it into the kick of the song playing. It was almost on point in my headphones but this time I knew to slow down the song and a few minutes later I was mixing.


I fell in love with Jungle music and it kept me off the streets for the most part. Growing up where I did I got into some trouble but not as much as I would have if I hadn't been in my parent's garage mixing.


Back then I use to tag with my crew SR-DWS they called me OG Mr. RISK. It wasn't until my friends heard my sister call me Cito that most everyone I knew started teasing me and calling me Cito. It started off as teasing but, these guys were like my family. We started raving together and eventually, we discovered LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms. I began to facilitate LSD and Mushrooms trips back then because I loved the experience so much. I had people come to my garage and trip out while I mixed for them. Eventually, I had groups of like 7 to 10 people tripping in my parent's garage. 


It was soon after that, that my best friend's Arco, TD, and his little brother Mikey,  shortened my name from Cito to just See. Because they told people I could help them "See" with their eyes shut. We would just chill and listen to Hardcore Techno and Jungle. Then we started going to Hardcore and Jungle parties. My friends were troublemakers at parties and so I usually ended up by myself because I didn't like causing static at parties. Because don't forget...the very reason I wanted to start Deejaying in the first place was to cause that infectious happiness that music helps to bring about. Eventually, my old friends stopped going to Parties. 


I distanced myself from a lot of my old friends and started going to parties alone, or with my cousin Sho-Guns and my other old friend Rebel.  We hit the Insomniac parties, Go Ventures, Non-Stop, Project Sweat Shop, Gorilla Warfare, Back Yard Boogies, Dark Matter, and Respect. Rebel and I went to Respect every Thursday for the first 7 years. I made lots of new friends that were much better vibes. 


I started helping my new friends (Funhouse) throw warehouse and rooftop parties. I even worked at a record shop and helped to bring Jungle and DNB into WP Records. I helped with ordering and the owner Rick allowed me to buy 1 copy for myself at cost and up to 2 or 3 more to sell for profits. He didn't have the faith in this music that I did. He was a numbers guy. He focused on House and Hip Hop because those records sold quickly and met the numbers he needed to keep the shop going.


Around the mid-nineties, I started tagging the words JungleLove on my records. Eventually, around 1999-2000 I went to Harbor Occupational Center for graphic design and advertising. A strong Celtic woman named Miss Scott was my teacher. She is the most awesome influence I've ever had. Around this time I kept tagging JungleLove until eventually, I dropped the J in Jungle and the L in Love to where they met at the bottom.  It almost looked like a V shape. I kept doing that until I thought to add 2 little arches on the top. When I did that my JungleLove logo was born. Eventually, I dropped the rest of the letters and only tagged a J&L with the 2 arches.


My teacher told me to put my original JL Heart sketch into a letter and send it to myself via certified mail. She told me that, "if you ever have to prove ownership of your logo a judge will open that letter and know that it is yours.

After I did that I gave the letter with my JL sketch inside to my mom to keep it safe for me. I thought I would make shirts and hats but life had other plans for me. I went through a dark time in my life and I realize now that it's a time that music had not been present in my life. 


Around 2006 when I met the girl that would become my wife I started mixing again. Things were looking up and again I started doodling and I created a new JL character logo. I called it my Jungle Boy OG logo and because of my newly found love I made a female version of the JL logo and I called her Junglette OG. I created another logo around 2015-2016 but this time I used a font with the words JungleLove Clothing. It was an idea that I made some t-shirt samples with but again life had other plans for me.


I went through a roller coaster but here we are 2018 and I have not given up on this thing. Happy to say I went to Michaels and bought some paint markers around May of 2018 and re-created my own letters again. The logos are back and this time I know what JungleLove is about. It's more than just the music, it's the concrete jungle we know as Los Angeles or simply home. It's about all the people that are pushing the sounds, it's about my ancestral roots that came from the actual Jungles of Central, and North America  (Mexico & Guatemala, the Northern Maya/ Aztec) and the plant medicines that the Jungle provides for humanity. You'll notice that I have brought a line of CBD products into my JungleLove Shop! This medicine is well known all over the world and is helping countless people live better, happier lives and we are thrilled to be able to offer these meds to you at a lower rate than most other companies. The medicines we offer come from organic sources and are unrefined. That means high end concentrated organic, unrefined CBD medicine for you! These are some of the most potent CBD products on the market and we have lab results to back that claim. 


I'm working on doing some collabs with some pretty dope artists from around the world. I will use my t-shirts as a canvas to feature graffiti artists that I really love. I want to do this to expose other artist and do my part to continue growing the Jungle and DNB culture. Because art is meant to be seen and music is meant to be heard. 


If you are a graffiti artist interested in working with us. To be considered for a t-shirt or hat spot send us an original piece that has to do with Jungle, DNB, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Native American culture or Graffiti to be featured on one of our tees. We'll do our best to promote it for you and get you the exposure you deserve. Junglism for Junglists by Junglists. Jungalize it!


One planet, one people, one LOVE, JungleLove. 

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